Isaac L. Bleaman

Assistant Professor
Department of Linguistics
University of California, Berkeley
Office: 1216 Dwinelle Hall


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Isaac L. Bleaman


I’ve put together a number of resources that may be useful to linguists as well as to students, teachers, and writers of Yiddish.


My .bib file of references for LaTeX. This is likely to be most relevant to sociolinguists and anybody whose language interests overlap with mine. Click here for a compiled PDF version.

Research Tools

  • Speaker Diarization for Linguistics, a tutorial co-authored with Ronald L. Sprouse that can be used to generate ELAN or Praat files for audio recordings with speech segments marked off on the relevant speaker tiers. This automates what is often a tedious manual step in the transcription workflow (for sociolinguistic interviews, fieldwork elicitation recordings, etc.).

Typing in Yiddish / Text Tools